Curling & Arena Knives

We can re-sharpen and/or supply new blades.

Many times the age old question of what is the best way to sharpen a curling rink blade is asked.  In discussion with other sharpeners the most common response is "ask the Ice Technician what angle they like." 

A blade that has a dual bevel, similar to a kitchen knife, has to be mounted at a higher angle (Blade A). The higher angle seems to require more horse power to push the blade. This type of edge uses brute force to cut the pebbling in its path thus breaking off the back of the pebble.  It also moves the centre of gravity up, changing the action of the wheels when pushing the blade.

When viewing a razor blade (Blade B) there is only one angle.  It seems the lower the angle the sharper the blade and it slices/glides through the pebbling.  The centre of gravity is also maintained close to the ice level giving the machine more power and control.  This control allows the Ice Technician more variations in building the pebbling to their desired structure.

Ice Resurfacing Blades Expertly Sharpened

Arena Knives

Arena knives will be sharpened at the angle the customer prefers.

We can supply new Curling and Arena Knives.

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