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This & That Sharpening is an industrial sharpening shop in Red Deer, Alberta that is equipped with state of the art machinery to provide precision sharpening to the metal, wood and paper industries.  We take great pride in providing precise and timely service to our customers. The owners and staff at This & That Sharpening provide continuous attention to customer services with new sharpening procedures and products. 

Our customers are informing us that we are doubling, or even tripling the useful life of the carbide tipped saw blades, curling rink, arena knives and many other products. It is exciting for our customers to be able to rely on us to sharpen and recondition cutters and blades that they were once forced to throw away! Our customers are enjoying below 1% return rate on sharpened products.

Our company's location in central Alberta makes it ideal to service Alberta and Western Provinces.  This & That Sharpening services has special arrangements with numerous trucking firms in Western Canada to provide door to door transfer of knives.

We have established, regular delivery routes to Edmonton and Calgary with our own driver. Even during the pandemic we continued to expand routes to meet customer's needs.

Please call for a quote 403-346-8285

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